Sold: Frontalini 120 Bass 3/4 reeds LMH 7/2 shifts 17inch Keyboard $450.00

IMG_20160211_151720I know It says 7 shifts and in the picture you can only see 4. Well It has been modified so you can get 7 sounds by selecting two buttons at a time. It wasn’t made that way but it has the reeds for it so why not be able to select them in all of there combinations. It plays and sounds great, cosmetically is a little rough but still looks fine. Weighs 19 pounds,  It comes with hard case and 6 month guarantee.

Scandalli 96 Bass 3/4 reeds 2/2 Shifts $525.00

IMG_20151221_113734I am not quite sure why the keys have yellowed so much but it is the only thing wrong with this accordion. It has a low A on the bass side. On the treble side, it has LMM with a nice musette. You can turn off the bassoon reed but not either of  the clarinet reeds so the musette is always on. That said, it has that nice rich Scandalli sound. It has full size keys or one octave measures 5.25 inches. Weight is 20 pounds. Tuned 440 comes with a hard case and 6 mo guarantee .