Black Titano Virtuoso Tube Chamber LMMH 120 $3995



This is an exceptional accordion. The keyboard and button action are very smooth and quite. I love playing it and it is my go to accordion when playing in my shop. The tuning is very dry but also very rich because of  the tone chamber and the high quality reeds. It is just a pure pleasure to play. I shall miss it when it sells. Comes with a very nice hard case and new straps.


Brand: Titano
Model: Virtuoso
Type: Piano Accordion
Reeds: 4/5 LMMH
Treble: 41 Keys, 19″(49cm) Key to Key, 11 Registers
Bass: 120 Bass Buttons, 7 Registers
Weight: 27lbs / 12kg
Features: Double Tone Chamber, Handmade Reeds,


Scandalli 120 Bass 2/4 reeds LM 3/4 shifts 16 inch Keyboard $550.00

IMG_20160211_151757This is a very small compact accordion but as with all Scandalli accordions, for its size it has a full sound with a low A on the bass. Great for a small adult, child or someone that travels a lot. In all ways in very good shape. weight is 18 pounds. comes with hard case and 1 year guarantee